Blogging for Teachers

On 1st December I am leading a CPD session within school on blogging. To be honest i am a bit nervous. I have never done this sort of thing before and my knowldge of blogging is related only to wordpress and only to me doing the blogging. I have yet to get my students blogging.

Therefore if you are reading this and have any suggestions as to what I should do (or not do) during the session I would appreciate your comments

I thought i would split the session which is only 75 minutes long into two simple parts:

  1. introduction: Why blog?
  2. Start your own blog
  3. er.. that’s it

I am running a second session in 7 months so i thought that those who have taken to blogging from next week’s group could all meet up again.

Part 1: Introduction

This will involve briefly looking at bloggin, referring to the list of education blogs i have gathers on the other page of this blog and seeing what i have done with and to a much lesser extent with this blog as well.

Then I want to look at the advantages of blogging. I met two BEd teachers from Plymouth Uni a the microsoft partners in learning forum and they presented intelligently and thoughtfully at the #itmeet the evening before on this very topic. So why re-invent the wheel? Here is their  blog on the matter.

That covers what blogs are and why to blog.

Starting your own blog

Since I dont know a lot about blogging and have not taught anyone about it before I will do what any self respecting teacher would do and copy somone else’s lesson plans. So I will show the wordpress support pages on getting started and let the session flow from there.

Also because I am running the another session in June I can ask people who have taken to blogging between now and then to come back and we can compare progress.

Finally here is the content of the welcome email i sent to staff who have signed up:

Thank you very much for choosing to come to this session. My main aim is that you will leave HAVING STARTED YOUR OWN BLOG

Since the only blogging I have done is through our time will be spent around using this site. However other blogging hosts are available only not between 11.30 and 12.45 in room 9 next Thursday.

Before the session

Obviously this is completely voluntary but if you want to get a head start I would recommend

  • looking at the wordpress support page and clicking on ‘getting started’
  • thinking about what you would like to blog about  – this could be education but of course it could be about anything
  • you could even start up and register your blog before the day and write your first post
  • If you just want to have a look at blogging in general you could look at the search page on wordpress and type in what you are interested in to find someone’s thoughts on the matter (you could even write a comment on their post!)
  • I have collected a list of education blogs on one of my pages. Click here to look at this list
  • I have run this geography blog for a while now so if you wish to see how this has developed then have a read and look at that
  • Recently I have started a blog for other teachers and for my own professional development please read this if you wish and comment on any of my posts and add in your own opinions if you wish. Click here I am at the moment writing a post about this very CPD session so if its finished you could read that one

2 thoughts on “Blogging for Teachers

  1. OK. My advice would be to suggest that you use Posterous instead of WordPress. It’s a lot easier: all you have to do is email your posts and hey presto! they’re posted. Great for kids and reluctant technophobes as there is no complicated back end to navigate.

  2. Cheers David, our school is going to be using moodle for our VLE in the near future and I understand WordPress will be set up with that. So for staff I will stick with that. However for pupils when i get around to starting it i will have a look at posterous as well.

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