A KS4 group with no curriculum

Does your school still do Study Plus? Ours doesn’t apparently since we don’t have the money to have 15 pupils with one TA and one teacher in the room together to help them get their GCSE grade C’s in English and Maths. So this year there is a group of pupils starting their GCSEs with a unit called ‘Study Plus’ which isn’t actually study plus. And this is beginning in January because our pupils are now starting KS4 in January of Y9.

There are two of us who are going to be responsible for these 51 pupils. Put basically these are the pupils who have not, for whatever reason, chosen to do a language. This means they are predominantly the less able pupils of the year group, but just looking at maths one of them is predicted and A and 5 a B grade, so the spread of ability is wide.

So far, so statistical. The real difference about this is that no curriculum has been given to us to teach. The Head has said that we should choose something that inspires us. She thinks a qualification at the end would be a good idea for some of the group. The deputy thinks that the last thing they need is another set of exams.


This is fantastic, we can choose our topics our learning styles our methods of teaching, we can go at our own pace.

This is frightening; how do we measure progress, how do we convince the girls we aren’t just filling their time or that they aren’t a sink group?


5 thoughts on “A KS4 group with no curriculum

  1. Look at Arts Award-verified by Trinity.

  2. Have a look at a series of AQA Unit Awards. A look at the topics available might give you some inspiration and the fact that there is some sort of certificate available (albeit often only at entry-level) gives a set of criteria against which to measure the students’ progress.

  3. Wow! What an opportunity! I’d start by mindsetting them and doing stuff on skills. Have a look at my Learning Loop post http://learningspy.co.uk/?p=172 – am happy to send you my scheme of learning.


  4. What a great thought.
    I really appreciate your perspective.
    John Chappelear

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