Appointing a new teacher What qualities should i look for?

Its been a few months since my last post. I have in between times run 4 field trips, marked 45 controlled assessments and well you know how the list goes. What has made it hardest for me is that in a school of around 800 pupils I am the only specialist Geography groups. I have one history teacher who has been teaching geography for 3 years now and is a superb classroom practitioner. i would love him to see the light ditch history and share the GCSE groups with me as well as take the few KS3 classes he has at the moment. However that isn’t going to happen

So I have been badgering my head for the last two years to appoint a second geographer. Last week at last my nagging paid off and the ad appeared in the TES and on our website.

A new geographer will allow me share the workload, but more importantly it would let me have another professional contribute ideas to the department. I have been teaching for 20 years now and 13 at my present school. I hope someone will come in and look at what i am covering in my Schemes of Work and how i am covering it and say “YOU STILL DOING IT LIKE THAT?” I need some shaking up and some help in revitalising the department.

This need has become more and more apparent the longer i have spent on twitter. Pretty well every day i click on a tweet that points me to a fantastic new resource or idea or lesson plan or teaching method. Sharing collaborative teaching is what i need to improve. The new teacher can be any age but innovative and collaborative approach to teaching is what i want!!

What qualities would you look for?


3 thoughts on “Appointing a new teacher What qualities should i look for?

  1. Someone who knows the capital of Uraguay? 😜

  2. One word: resilience.
    Ask them to give an example of how they experienced a set-back and how they responded to it.
    I would be less keen on the blamer-of-others and more sympathetic to the bounce-back learner.
    If they haven’t come across a question like this they need more interview practice.
    If they don’t understand it, or haven’t experienced a set-back, they are not ready for teaching.

    Good luck. Interviewing is hard work.

  3. Interviewing is hard work indeed.Ive done it as governor and HoD and of course as candidate. I asked tutor group for ideas and one of them suggested something along the lines of how did you cope with a disaster in your lesson? Thanks for the suggestion will try to get my head to include that question.

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