Lazy Marking

This year the timetable has given me 4 Year 9 groups. I am in the middle of marking their books for the first time this term. I want to set them some early year targets, so as to focus their minds on making progress. Last year I started to use a target sheet, where they could choose from a list of possible goals to aim for. However, I found that this took up to 15 minutes in lessons; explaining what they had to do and for them to write them down.

So this year I am trying a different version of this. While marking their books I noted the things that overall had gone well and more importantly the aspects of their work that needed improving. I restricted this to a list of 8 targets. I based these around NC level descriptors, but made no mention of levels in the targets as I hadn’t done so when setting the work. These were numbered.

The list is here ……Early Y9 targets

Under the comment I wrote in their books, instead of writing out 2 different targets for about 120 pupils over and over again, I just wrote down 2 numbers instead. In the next lesson I put the list of goals on the board and the pupils write these down in their books themselves. In fact, since it is the beginning of the year I have borrowed a colleague’s idea and have had the pupils write them down on the inside cover of their books. Therefore, if SLT or anyone else, should ever come into my lessons and ask the pupils if they know how they can improve their work…….

I like setting the targets like this because it has the advantages of:

  1. saving me a LOT of time when marking
  2. allowing me the chance to explain what some of the targets mean to the whole class, so pupils don’t just ignore them
  3. Because pupils write them down themselves they have to spend some time reflecting on what they mean
  4. It is quicker than giving them a choice
  5. they all start the year with the idea of improving being high in their minds (hopefully)

If anyone has any similar or different methods of target setting and lazy marking I would to hear them. In the meantime, please feel free to use these targets if they are of any use to you.


One thought on “Lazy Marking

  1. That sounds like a great idea! Going a bit further, giving them the opportunity to use these to check their work before hand in or asking you to focus on something specific would also be useful. Definitely looking into using this with Y12 essay writing!

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