When is a vote not a vote?

There is an article in my local paper this week about my local MP John Glen having written to the Education Secretary to “bring in legislation to ensure that teachers can’t take strike action without a minimum level of support.” He had been asked to highlight the matter by the Head Teacher of a local state secondary school who was concerned that “national strike action was recently approved by “just over one in five members of the NUT.”

So I have done a quick piece of research. My local MP is a Conservative one. His party received 36% of the vote in the 2010 General Election. That is 36% of the 65% who turned out to vote. This equates to 23% of those eligible to vote.

The NUT ballot returned 82.5% voting to vote out of a turn out of 27%. This equates to 22% of those eligible to vote.

If the NUT ballot is not representative enough for some MP’s and conservative supporters, then they may have to consider conceding power, dissolving parliament and holding a new General Election as well.

And if a Head Teacher cannot see the way that teachers’ pay, conditions and pensions have worsened over the last 2 years then he is very much out of touch with his staffroom.


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