iPads part 2

I have set the 8 iPads up and have downloaded our first few apps. I bought a £15 apps voucher from my local co op and So far have got:
Explain everything
Nearpod (but that looks like a lot of setting up for not that much gain over a non iPad lesson)
Popplet lite

Google Earth



And class dojo

We have a GCSE lesson coming up where they will be researching the Charity Water Aid and their work in Uganda. They could then present this using Explain Everything, having planned it on Popplet. I could assess some learning on socrative or maybe Morfo instead

But of course we only have 8. One reason I chose Y10 is that our classes are only 25 in size for that year, so the iPads are shared around in a little less thin fashion. My line manager and AHT suggested if we get things up and running in Y10 we could then have a stronger argument to get some more money to purchase a few more devices. I am not holding my breath.

Meanwhile though I shall be thinking of more ways to integrate these tablets into our lessons.


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