something simple I learnt this week 2

I like to arrive early to school to make up for the fact that I never quite do as much work as I should in the evenings (TV, children, chores, twitter etc etc). Normally I am running around, sorting out things I really should have organised and completed the previous week. Also 2 days a week we have a whole staff briefing 10 minutes before registration takes place. So as a general rule, I go to my classroom, turn on my laptop, set up lesson one and then leave to somewhere else to get my work done. This means I see one or two of the earliest arrivers in my tutor group and then return to a full room of coats, bags, pupils, screaming, phones, mp3 players, fights to be nearest to the radiator, shouting and general disturbed mayhem.

However, one cold day this week I thought better of going back outside again (its a mobile classroom) and stayed at my desk to do some marking. So I remained in our form room as one and all arrived. This in turn had a lovely effect on the atmosphere in the room. There was more calm and less mayhem. There were just as many phones and mp3’s, but no fighting. I had a few quick chats with my tutor group, all initiated by individual or groups of pupils and all positive. The register was much easier and I am sure they all left for period 1 in a much better “learning frame of mind”

By mistake I was a better tutor that day 🙂


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