The Ashes and not doing your homework

There were a lot of Englishmen and women talking about the cricket yesterday. The reason was that Stuart Broad had plainly hit the ball and been caught. Yet the umpire missed it and gave him not out.  Broad did not ‘walk’ and carried on batting. So was he correct to do this? Or was he cheating? And more interestingly, how different were his actions compared to another player who had recently been banned for 2 matches for claiming a catch that he knew had bounced before he caught it?


That made me think about pupils and their moral behaviour in my classroom. If I forget to take in homework and a pupil hadn’t done it should they put their hand up and own up to it? I think not; I would say they got away with it because of my mistake and poor teaching.

Then what about the pupil that says they have done the homework when they haven’t? I take in the class’ books and find she has deliberately lied to me. In this second situation I would certainly punish the pupil because I would consider her actions much worse than the first pupil’s.


So I say fair play to Stuart Broad. You carry on.


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