Changing the way Pupils Present in Class

I just stumbled across something that works really well………

I have had enough of sitting at the back of my class watching 6 different groups present their group work to the rest of the class.I am fed up with them: not knowing who is speaking next, long pauses, the group breaking into giggles, reading off a piece of paper, reading from behind a piece of paper, some people saying nothing, people not being able to read the writing of whoever wrote the speech. I am especially annoted when the whole thing takes up about half an hour.


I am trying this simple adjustment instead……

  1. Pupils complete the group work as before.
  2. But then they leave their presentation on their desk and in groups they wander around the room ‘art gallery style’ reading and looking at everyone ele’s works on the desk.
  3. The pupils judge each others’ work using the criterai that was established at the start of the work. (i have found this works better with the criteria on the board not on the desks)
  4. In their group, or individually, pick what they think is the best piece of work
  5. We hold a secret ballot
  6. The best one or two pieces of work are then displayed in the room and the’winning’ students are awarded a housepoint
  7. The pupils then complete 2 sentences in their book. “One thing I saw another group do that was good was…..” and “one thing that our group did well was….”

And honestly the whole process takes 15 minutes and produces better reflection and  learning than doing it another way.

But the best thing of all is the conversations the pupils have reviewing others’ work and referring to the criteria. It was a joy to listen to!

Note to  Teachers:

I used the old Geography Matters 1 text books as they have a section that contains a series of maps for 5 different settlements. however any OS map or maps would work with this. Equally, although we used the ipads and the right move app, a PC and their website does just as well. The powerpoint from the lesson is below

Thoughts on river severn stuff 2


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