Nelson Mandela

I was at Wembley in 1990. Mandela came on after an afternoon of dull music. We clapped and cheered and clapped and cheers and shouted so long. I saw Nelson Mandela in the flesh and heard him speak. It was and will always remain one of the most important moments of my life. so here below are some resources which may be useful in your lesson to tell pupils about this man, who more than maybe any other gives us hope into the 21st century

If there was a prophet in our era it would be Nelson Mandela, & if Nelson Mandela was not in our era he would be a prophet”-@TamimBarghouti

Nelson Mandela This links to a short powerpoint that i put together last night. It has some pictures and quotes, a link to one of his speeches and some more of his quotes. All done in a rush. But so as to have something to tell the children. what could I do that was more important than that?

This link takes you to Channel 4 obituary/tribute to him (10 minutes long)

Ferghal Keane of the BBC and his obituary on Mandela

And this one to a collection of headlines and front pages from around the world

This is his life in photos from the Guardian


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