The Maths of Workload

Recent DfE report suggests teachers are working on average 54 hours a week. (see the TES article here)

There are 39 weeks in a school year

that is 2,106 hours


Let’s say the average worker does 48 weeks in a year at 37 hours

that is 1,776 hours


A difference of 230 hours


230 hours is 6.2weeks of work for an ‘average worker’ doing their 37 hours a week


So an average teacher works a month and a half more each year than an ‘average worker’


Teachers also work in their holidays


If only this post wasn’t just being read by teachers




One thought on “The Maths of Workload

  1. It’s 38 weeks in a year with the kids, plus one week of inset so 39 in all. Not 36. So even worse than you say.

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