Just showing off really – Year 8 Guerrilla Geography

I took 27 motivated Year 8s today into town to do some Mission explore inspired geography. I cheated a bit really by asking year 8 teachers to nominate 5 girls a class on the criteria “Who has been working really well in your lessons over the last couple of months?”, so we had some even better than usual pupils with us. Then I cheated some more by repeating a day i had run with year 10. and that was a cheat in itself because I had stolen the idea from guerrilla geography specialists – www.missionexplore.net  and their great idea for a guerrilla geography day  on gender representation.

So really I have nothing to tell you about top tips for field trips or geography teaching.

Then, even better I got the pupils to do all the work. I sent them off for and hour and a half to collect photos and video clips of how men and women are represented in our town centre. We walked back to school and then I said they had 2 and a half hours to turn their images and clips into videos using the ipads. And then I left them to it. Here is what they produced in no particular order …… If you want to leave any comment on their video to encourage them further , that would be lovely…….





iPads part 2

I have set the 8 iPads up and have downloaded our first few apps. I bought a £15 apps voucher from my local co op and So far have got:
Explain everything
Nearpod (but that looks like a lot of setting up for not that much gain over a non iPad lesson)
Popplet lite

Google Earth



And class dojo

We have a GCSE lesson coming up where they will be researching the Charity Water Aid and their work in Uganda. They could then present this using Explain Everything, having planned it on Popplet. I could assess some learning on socrative or maybe Morfo instead

But of course we only have 8. One reason I chose Y10 is that our classes are only 25 in size for that year, so the iPads are shared around in a little less thin fashion. My line manager and AHT suggested if we get things up and running in Y10 we could then have a stronger argument to get some more money to purchase a few more devices. I am not holding my breath.

Meanwhile though I shall be thinking of more ways to integrate these tablets into our lessons.

The ipad adventure starts here

Today I had the geography department budget which confirmed that in a week or two we will have 8 ipads available in Geography for pupils to use in class. There are also a couple of learning support ones available to borrow and hopefully we will be able to share ours with a few that history are ordering too. Both the main teachers in the department also have one each.

I have got quite a few apps to try out on the pupils. I have yet to work out the iCloud. i am not sure if the ipads can link up to the school network or how pupils can therefore share their work with me. I haven’t written their use into any Schemes of Work yet. I think we may just try them out in bits of lessons and take it from there. (So if anyone has any suggestions as to a path we could follow or a structured development of their integration we could try I would love to hear from you.)

In the mean time, I have so many unanswered questions and I am getting rather excited