Teaching blogs I Like

I will collect and list other blogs and bloggers who talk about education teaching and learning. Most of my ideas are stolen from these people anyways

http://learningspy.edublogs.org/ David Didau, English teacher. Active blogger on all things educational

http://daviderogers.blogspot.com/ Always thoughtful geography blogging from Portsmouth

http://mrmayoh.bowlingparkprimary.net/ keen ICT user keeps up us to date with his classes great interactive blogging

http://www.teachit.so/ Very interesting writing on why evidence based practice and teachers are the key to improved learning

http://pedagogicalpurposes.blogspot.com/ sharing the purpose of teaching and different pedagogical ideas.

http://invisiblelearning.blogspot.com/ writing on making learning visible. Very readable

http://edte.ch/blog/ Tom Barrett’s excellent blog. If I read it more I would teach better.

http://www.musiceducationlife.com/ Enjoyable and informative blog on music teaching and learning

http://sayersjohn.blogspot.com/ Written by a really helpful guy. You will learn about Geography teaching from this blog.

http://mrcoles9.edublogs.org/   a Year 9 student blog – top student work

http://maverickteachers.blogspot.com/ A history AST sharing excellent ideas

http://stjohnsblogs.co.uk/ a primary school’s pupils’ blog

http://behaviourguru.blogspot.com/ Tom Bennett’s informative and thought provoking blog. READ IT

http://fkelly.co.uk/ love this guys ideas on not using Gifted as a label

www.iammisterjim.blogspot.com this blog comes highly recommended


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  1. […] have collected a list of education blogs on one of my pages. Click here to look at this […]

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